Symposium 2011 Hub

Ever wonder what your friend’s thesis topic is really about? Dying to know the outcome of that random psych study you participated in? Just really stoked about not having class on Friday?  The Spring Student Research Symposium is here for all that and more.

MiddBlog covered the Symposium from start to finish, in the hope of showcasing the talent, vision and hard work that went into all the featured projects.

In addition to covering the events, we also presented some of our own ideas and asked for ideas from the community, in order to make MiddBlog better. We set up a booth in Bi Hall, at which we displayed the MiddBlog homepage for visitors to explore, along with a live-updating Twitterfeed of discussion about the #middsym hashtag which we had initiated and promoted.

Schedule and official info:

Our posts

Our other stuff

  • We’re uploading photos all day. Watch the album grow here.
  • We and plenty of others are tweeting. Watch an elegant, pretty visualization of the @middblog and #middsym Twitter streams here.
  • Fill out our very simple survey!

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