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NOTE 10/13/10: This page is woefully outdated and we know it. So don’t read too much into this information. We have it on good word that the administrative types are working on something official and similar to this site. In theory, you would be able to examine the draw processes as a whole (rules, dates, etc), identify places to live and get feedback from others on the quirks of each location.

At the risk of feeding the fire, this is a compilation of housing information of spaces on campus based on the previous year’s block information as well as this year’s information provided by the housing office. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL LIST OF ANY KIND and is a planning guide only. If you would like to contribute more and better accurate information, please leave a comment on this page and your updates will be reflected. Comments on the “live-ability” of spaces (e.g., “lounge is small” or “great party space” or “no room lights” etc.) are greatly appreciated. The objective of this housing list is to help students plan where they can live and understand the spaces available to them. This list is by no means complete and will change from year to year. EDIT: Here’s 2009-2010’s official list.








Doubles Housing (blocks, sinkmates, and other):

Singles Draw:


29 thoughts on “Housing Info

  1. MiddBlog’s Guide to Housing/Roomdraw 2009 « MiddBlog

  2. Just fyi I would hesitate to call the showers in Forest “cold” so decisively. As someone who lives there I can say there are many, many unfortunate surprises about Forest, but the showers are not one of them. In fact, the showers are one of the few great things; I find they are always super hot with great water pressure. so there, if that helps.

    Otherwise this is a GREAT resource, very helpful of middblog to put up (though I’m not sure why I even looked at it as someone who is graduating).

  3. Well, I actually meant that the bathrooms in general are cold in forest, not really the shower water itself. I lived there during the summer of 2007 for language school.

  4. I have two points you might consider adding to this list.

    1) Voter is not seniors only; juniors can draw in, too.

    2) The ‘suites’ in the Gifford Basement are abominable. Common spaces are little more than wide hallways, and there’s no bathroom ventilation. Natural light is nonexistent and the rooms are freezing cold.

  5. Every year those rooms are different. But the general example is two single rooms that are right next to one another (still two rooms, two entrance on a single hall). Common places for this type of “blocking” are hallways with lots of singles: Starr, Painter, Kelly, Lang, etc. The reasoning for offering this type of block is that you are guaranteed to live next to your friend but you don’t need to live in a double. Hope that helps.

  6. What kind of chances do Juniors with very good numbers have at getting Voter Suites? In the five person Voter suites is it 3 singles and 1 double? Also, when does this whole process begin officially?

  7. Re: Wondering …

    no shot. I heard last year that voter was totally taken by #30. and i can’t even list on two hands the number of different senior groups that are trying for it this year. so for all intents and purposes it is senior housing

  8. Juniors looking for a suite/house will have a pretty hard time overall. I’ve heard of low-number juniors occasionally getting a no-kitchen atwater suite just because that’s where the glut of suites exists. I would recommend most juniors aim high but keep expectations low. Small hall blocks of a couple singles in a row (not necessarily listed here) are most likely for Juniors looking to live together with friends.

  9. I know this is just guesswork, but what would you think would be the highest number that could get an Atwater Suite this year?

  10. Re: AnotherQuestion

    Others who currently have Atwater Suites must chime in at this time to answer that question. You’re right to say that it is all guesswork…

  11. Housing 2009 Revised « MiddBlog

  12. Gifford two end-of-hall suites on each end of building, on each floor except the top. Floors one through four are for rising Sophomores in Wonnacott. These suites usually have a small kitchens but very little “living room” type space. The singles on the hall are of average size although for outside noise reasons, you may want to stick to the higher floors. Windows facing Mead Chapel will get a heavy dose of the bells. The basement has two suites similar to the suites on the above floors. Look at the floorplans to determine the relative size of the singles.

  13. do you all think that juniors with average numbers (i’m talking like above 1000) have any shot at getting block housing?

  14. Re: Junior

    Yes, I think that juniors will have the opportunity to live in blocks — the slight changes in housing this year encourages this. The chances of juniors living in suites and houses (atwater suites, laforce suites, ross townhouses) may be quite low but there is decent probability for blocked singles on hallways and blocks with doubles. Unfortunately, there is going to be a pretty hefty chunk of juniors living in two-room doubles in painter and starr. Chateau should also be mostly juniors.

  15. Re: anon

    All three Lang suites this year are filled by seniors. But because the Lang suites have two doubles, they don’t go anywhere near as quickly as all-single suites like in Atwater or LaForce. Juniors may have a shot at it, even if it’s a somewhat slim chance. Also look into the Kelly suites.

  16. Does anyone know how “in demand” the singles in LaForce are? How about the singles in Atwater A and B or the Chateau? As in, would they reach the 600s in the senior class?

  17. Re: Michael Jordan

    LaForce and Atwater singles are fairly in demand. It’s the stealth kids with low numbers that don’t tell anybody that grab those up quick. I somehow doubt it will get down to the 600s. But always worth listing anyway!

  18. Does anybody here wonder if all the seniors who want them will get singles? I heard it straight from the horse’s (karin hall hyphen kolts) mouth that all seniors will get singles, but I am doubting this myself.

    I did the math. There were 514 rooms in large blocks and small blocks. Then there are 31 singles. Add in maybe a hundred for social/academic interest houses (I think this is overly optimistic) and you get 645. That is nowhere NEAR 790 (the number of senior random numbers given out). Then add in 98 places in doubles draw. You get 643. Where are they going to get the housing for all these people–let alone the juniors!!?

    I am confused how juniors managed to get singles last year.

  19. Re: Sam
    Also be sure to include the very large segments in the Ridgeline superblocks and also the newly added Fletcher superblock. You are right that housing is tight, but no one is in danger of not being housed. It is curious how those numbers add up, but I still trust the system.

    As mentioned in some other posts, juniors should be expecting doubles of some sort. If an occasional junior gets a single that’s great but set your expectations low, aim high, and hope for the best. Also, rank everything you possibly can bear living in. If you fail to rank enough spaces and you aren’t assigned in room draw, you get put in summer draw…

    Re: JS
    No, I don’t believe there is an elevator in Painter. Good workout with those steps to the top floor!

  20. Sam:

    There are 31 singles on the list, but in reality there’s many more. I noticed on the application yesterday that there were singles available in Gifford, Chateau, Forest East, Kelly, Lang, Painter, and Starr. This is how juniors can get into rooms blocked as singles. I’ll be a junior next year, and I got into one.

    I don’t know how the numbers add up either — there’s less than 720 seniors here.

    Question for the rest of you:

    I’ll be living on the third floor of Kelly next year. Are there any issues or other things I need to know about?


    hey, ill be living in a laforce suite next year but i have no idea what it looks like (i’m abroad).

    what is the room situation, which singles in the suites are the best/biggest and which faces the sunrise(i know, weird question). also any other thoughts would be appreciated!

    yay, laforce ’10

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