Monday Reading: May-time, Play-time, Yay-time

Hey all. Sorry for the delay in Sunday Reading, but hopefully you were all too busy enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend to notice. Now that we’re all back to the grind and the last week of classes, here’s some material to help you pass the time until you can get outside again.

Gap Yah: Is taking a year off before college a bad thing? Midd sure doesn’t think so, but this article might make you rethink some of that voluntourism you may have been planning on doing.

Williamsburg: I used to think that this was just a place with colonial re-enactors in Virginia. #trueconfessions But this NYTimes reporter took a closer look at the culture of Brooklyn’s hipster hometown.

Linguistics: Lawl, LOL isn’t funny anymore. (duh.)

Poetry: A beautiful poem making the rounds recently titled, “Wandering Around an Albuquerque Airport Terminal” by Naomi Shihab Nye.

Parks and Rec: The more I think about this, the more it makes sense? There is a Parks and Rec porno.

Seasonal: And appropriate. White boys in salmon colored shorts. (I better see some Midd submissions soon…)

Science/Art: Heather Dewey-Hagborg collects hair, smoked cigarettes, and other trash to extract DNA and create portraits of what the person behind the remnant might have looked like.

Advertising: How do you tell a child where they can get help for child abuse, even while accompanied by their aggressor? This organization figured it out.

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Sunday Reading: It’s (finally) Spring!

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better. With sunshine and temperatures in the high 60s/low 70s all week, it’s sure to be a great start to the month of May! Enjoy it now before the stress of finals starts to come in…

New York City: Check out these never before seen photographs of the Big Apple from the early 1900s and this awesome “Inception” like map of Manhattan.

Twitter: Where do all of your tweets go? Wired investigates.

Linguistics: I really like this article slash it talks about a pretty cool language trend.

White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Just once I wish MiddBlog would be invited to the #nerdprom.

Technology: What if you could virtually drive through Google Street View? Now you can.

Weddings: I love a good wedding, but not these wedding dresses.

Art:  I love lasers and I love forests. See them combined in this awesome new installation.

Escalators: You wouldn’t think an escalator could be awesome. This will prove you wrong.

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MiddBlog endorses Rachel Liddell ’15 for SGA President

Rachel Liddell '15

Rachel Liddell ’14

This is a joint post written by Audrey Tolbert ’13 and Olivia Noble ’13, co-lead editors of MiddBlog.

The Middlebury Student Government is probably the most widely known and least appreciated organization on this campus. In the past, nearly every student on campus has known the president’s name, but not many have known what they did on a daily basis, nor did students actively engage with the SGA on issues they cared about. This year has shown a marked improvement on that front, with increasing levels of engagement from students – from the 75+ crowd at the presidential debate last night to the 300+ users on the SGA’s new “We the Middkids” website. All of this reminds us that the SGA President is not just the guy who got us break buses, or who instituted pass/fail – a president represents the student body in every regard.

As we look to the trio of candidates before us for the 2013-2014 school year, each has their strengths and weaknesses. Through their letters of intent, websites, and the debate last night, Middblog has seen that each candidate is extremely passionate and has a variety of good ideas for where this campus should be going. But ultimately, good ideas will only get a president so far. A candidate must have the force of personality and the tenacity to see these good ideas through. SGA President candidates year after year have a lot of campaign promises, a lot of wishful thinking, and a lot of good ideas. However, only rarely do candidates present themselves with the force of personality and will to make these good ideas a reality.

With that in mind, MiddBlog has decided to endorse Senator Rachel Liddell (’15) for the position of SGA President. Liddell is well-spoken, articulate, and incredibly driven. We strongly believe that she is the candidate for the job and would best represent the student body to the administration. A president’s greatest responsibility is to represent the student body and be a good negotiator for student issues. Liddell is smart and willing to hold her ground on issues that matter to the student body like divestment and local food. Her platform differs from the others in her willingness to tackle complicated administrative issues like credit for internships, sexual assault awareness, and the honor code to name a few. Her platform is ambitious, but we believe that Rachel has the drive and enthusiasm to get it done.

Both Naylor and Labarba have interesting ideas and are strong candidates, yet it is our belief that Liddell has the greatest potential to make any and all of those a reality. Let us know what you think of Liddell, Naylor, and Labarba in the comments below and don’t forget to vote on May 1st!

It Happens Here.

Students packed the McCullough Social Space last night for this year’s It Happens Here event. 23 testimonies of sexual violence against Middlebury students were read aloud. Take a look at some of the stories at go/IHH and watch Story #2 by author Bella Tudisco below:

If the stories last night impacted you and you would like to get involved with issues of sexual assault and violence on college campuses, contact IHH Midd or check out Know Your Title IX, an activist collective run by students and young alumni who have successfully campaigned against their colleges’ inadequate responses to campus sexual violence. Their goal: educate every college student in the U.S. about his or her rights under Title IX by the start of the next academic term.


Sunday Reading:

This week’s Sunday Reading goes out to all those seniors who have their theses due tomorrow. Best of luck and here’s just a little bit more procrastination to get you through the night.

Boston: An interesting perspective on the events from the New Yorker’s John Cassidy. Also, an old Thought Catalog article that seems particularly relevant.

Greek Life: For those of you who have not read the crazy sorority girl email yet. I just like imagining someone from the Mill sending out a comprable email…

#SWUGlife: A more accurate account of the social phenomenon from Cornell, home of the original SWUGs.

Art: The perfect combination of fine art and culinary art in this new cookbook.

NYC: A fun and interesting infographic measuring wealth inequality in New York City by subway lines.

Ice Coffee: Always an appropriate question this time of year: Is it ice coffee weather?

Music: I didn’t know that there was a Pulitzer for music, but this girl definitely deserves it.

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Sunday Reading: V is for Victory

Shameless self-promotion: A huge congrats to the Middlebury Women’s Water Polo team for beating Dartmouth 5-3 this afternoon and winning the New England Division title! They’re now on to Nationals in Minnesota! Great job girls!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Sunday links…

Television: I don’t usually post Buzzfeed articles here (because I assume everyone has already seen them, I mean how else does one procrastinate?) but this one was just too good to pass up: The 18 Best Quotes from Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson.

Geography: Watch this super awesome hyperlapse of Google Street View images and create your own!

Admissions: Hey white girls, just no. Kendra James does an awesome job breaking down the recent (and ridiculous) trend of white girls, like Suzy Lee Weiss, blaming minorities for not getting into their top choice school.

Parenting: Children are so sensitive. Here’s a tumblr documenting all the reasons they cry.

#Seniorthesisproblems: Do you think students have sex in the thesis carrels at Midd? Cause apparently it’s the craze at Wesleyan.

Music: April is Public Radio Music Month. Check out the top 10 (awesome) songs from stations across the country. While you’re at it, show the WRMC site some love!

Vine: Like Vine? Start discovering new ones on Vinepeek.

Kitsch: You can buy a tea infuser shaped like the Titanic. Too soon or boatloads of fun?

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