Seniors React to Announcement that Graduation Will Move Indoors

Update: Former SGA President Charlie Arnowitz has released the following video to address the “We the Middkids” petition to keep commencement outside.

Early Friday afternoon after taking a class photo, the graduating class of 2013 was informally told that this year’s commencement ceremony, taking place on Sunday, would be moving indoors. The commencent website states that the ceremony will take place outdoors, rain or shine. This move would limit students to only two guests at the ceremony, with others forced to watch a live stream elsewhere.

Not even an hour after the announcement, students have taken it upon themselves to keep the ceremony outside. Former SGA President Charlie Arnowitz just sent out an email to the senior class encouraging them to email President Liebowitz the following sample message:

President Liebowitz,
As a member of the Class of 2013, I respectfully request that the Commencement Ceremony remain outside. Many of us have friends and relatives who have traveled here from around the country and the world under the premise that they would be able to attend Commencement, rain or shine, as it represents an important achievement for each of us. We strongly feel that the ceremony should remain outdoors in order to remain as accommodating as possible.

Thank you,
Members of the Class of 2013

MiddBlog will update this post as more reactions and responses from the administration are received.


Stop with the Resumes

via Flickr / hanzabean

Have you ever read an article like this, this, or this? None of those links are spam — certainly not the highly ranked Career Services Office (CSO), US News, and the popular But what these sites have in common is that the checklists and bulleted items lure you into a false sense of security that you are searching for a job or internship. Let’s be honest, you are doing nothing but reading.

So, instead of doing nothing, do something real to kick start your job hunt.

Chances are that it starts with walking into CSO, resume in hand. Good for you. Chances are you’ll walk out with an edited resume but still at a loss. The game is easier played if you know what you want. And, if you’re a good little liberal arts student like I was, you don’t know what you want. Professional musician? World traveler? Journalist? Foreign service? Entrepreneur? Economist? Blogger? Ski bum? I had no idea what industry I should look in or what marketable skills I possessed. And the overwhelming number of question marks made it easy to fire off resumes and cover letters to all sorts of places instead of focusing. That is a recipe for a lot of frustration.

You probably shouldn’t start with a resume and cover letters.

And yet, that’s often where we’re told to start. Countless students are staring into their computers looking at example resumes, worrying about formatting, and trying to whittle down relevant experience. Stop. Just stop. At some point you will need your groomed resume and cover letter but it’s not now, not when you don’t have a sense of what you’re looking for. And while you’re at it, do not search various online databases of job listings. All those do is suck you back into the resume-cover letter game. Continue reading

Senior Class Gives to SD House

The Senior Committee announced at the beginning of last week that it’s senior gift will be a donation to the Middlebury Solar Decathlon Project. A tradition since 1981, the Senior Gift and the Senior Committee is meant to “build class unity and create a foundation for alumni participation.” The gift will also be in memory of students Nick Garza ‘11, Pavlo Levkiv ‘11 and Ben Wieler ‘11.

The Solar Decathlon Project, “a 21st century New England farmhouse” titled “Self-Reliance”, will be completed for the 2011 Solar Decathlon Competition in Washington DC.

Commencement Addresses 2009

I’m told the best Middlebury College commencement address ever was that of Fred Rogers (of Mr. Rogers fame). View the whole commencement address archive. But to give us all some perspective before Sunday, here are some of addresses heard so far this year at other colleges:

Impressive: John Legend at UPenn:

Funny: Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane

Family: Michelle Obama at UC Merced and President Obama at Notre Dame

Five Senior Class Gift Options

  1. Wood Stove Lounge in Proctor: The Class of 2009 would provide funding to help refurbish this centrally located student lounge. The space will be utilized by future generations of Middlebury students as both a study and social space.
  2. Poverty Studies Fund: The Class of 2009 would raise money to help provide Summer Poverty Studies Internships on a local and international level. The internships would be coordinated through The Alliance for Civic Engagement Office.
  3. Organic Garden: Contribute to the operating budget of the organic garden to subsidize funding for staff salaries, equipment, and production. The funds raised by the Class of 2009 will directly impact the garden’s productivity for years to come.
  4. Alumni Fund: The money raised by the Class of 2009 would support the Alumni Fund which is responsible for seven percent of the College’s direct operating expenses. The Alumni Fund supports important areas such as financial aid, faculty salaries, educational supplies, and building maintenance.
  5. Old Stone Mill: Class of 2009 funds would go directly toward the newly acquired historic town building; specifically contributing toward creative and innovative student projects. Funds would be used to subsidize student projects and offset operating costs.

Seniors are voting via poll this week!