Unofficial Orientation

What you wanted to know before you knew you wanted to know it. As always, feel free to ask any last minute questions right here. We’ll do our best to answer and help others with info, links, and more. Upperclassmen can help fill in the gaps of things left out of this guide.

Dining Guide – Despite cuts to dining, you still can’t complain about our food. Here’s the skinny on where to eat, when, and why including all the dining halls and Middlebury auxiliary outlets where you have to pay your own way. Get an idea of what dining hall suits you best. / Foursquare Dining Map.

Midd Lingo – I arrived and pronounced Battell Hall, “Battle Hall.” Avoid the faux pas by taking a look at what you need to know about special Middlebury-centric language. You’ll be able to figure out what this means: “I was checking my ERES in B2C when my friend comes in and says all the Febs are assembling to protest Regs at the Bubble.” / Foursquare Dorm Map

Social Houses – Yes, welcome to college. We party, it’s true. But this is the straight facts on social houses, the descendant of the fraternaty.

What to Pack – It’s tough going figuring what you need and don’t. Some have the luxury of bringing a big car to Middlebury. Others fly. But really, try to pack light. Also last year, Hallie Gammon ’10 did a quick article on what and what not to pack for College. It mostly still rings true so take a look.

Technology Helpdesk for Dummies – They think our generation universally knows “technology.” Yea right. Insiders guide to computing, tech, and more at Midd.

Tourguiding Tales – Most of you have taken the campus tour, but did you know that neither Alonzo Hepburn nor Joseph Battell finished their degrees at Middlebury? And yet both have their names on buildings… Also separate fact from fiction with Middlebury Myths Debunked.

Your Questions, Answered – We leave anything out or get anything wrong? Ask questions and post answers here.

And really, don’t worry if your parents are trying to embarrass you. They are just trying to help, like this parent caught washing her child’s dorm windows (outside Stewart Hall) in 2009:


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