Midd Lingo

Hello first-years! Read MiddBlog’s entire Unofficial Orientation.

You might need a map. Please leave comments if you want something else included or researched.


  • Find your classroom with this key of what your three-letter codes mean. Note: AXT (Twilight Hall) and AXN (Axinn Center) are vastly different places.
  • ERES stands for “Electronic Reserves.” Find them here or at go/eres. You need to know what course you’re taking and the password.
  • There are different libraries on campus, so use MidCat to figure out where something is before you assume it’s in the
    Davis Family Library (also known as the Main Library, was renamed in 2010). Armstrong Library is BiHall (Bicentennial Hall) with Science books. There used to be a separate music library in the CFA, but as of Summer 2011, all of those materials are in the Main Library.
  • Bannerweb is your friend and a foe but mostly the ruler of your adminstrative/academic records/transcripts/etc. Remember your ID Number on your ID card/keycard and PIN to logon. You need an “Alternate PIN” to register for classes until your sophomore spring, which your advisor will give you when the time comes.
  • If someone says “Starr,” they usually mean the dorm Starr Hall. But they might mean the old Starr Library which is now part of the Axinn Center (debatable, see comments)
  • BiHall stands for McCardell Bicentennial Hall — science building.
  • Old Chapel” can be used to refer to the school administration.
  • CFA stands for Center for the Arts.
  • The registrar‘s office is located in Forest West Hall.


  • The Foursquare Dorm Map
  • Battell North is closer to Atwater. Battell South is closer to College Street. If you don’t know where Battell Center is, leave this page right now. You describe where you are in Battell with the following: B (standing for Battell), 1 or 2 (what floor your’re on), S or N or C (what wing your in – south, north, or center). So, someone living in Battell Second floor, Center would say, “I live in B2C.” The only exception is if you live on the third floor of Battell which is called “the nunnery.” Figure out why yourself. You apparently “vote” for whether you want your bathrooms to be co-ed but in reality, it all devolves into co-ed bathrooms eventually. The Battell Center bathrooms are always co-ed because there is only one bathroom in that wing. Wonnacott is South, Cook is North. Center is ususally split. Battell kids do laundry in Forest Hall or Atwater.
  • Battell Beach is the huge quad of grass between Forest, Battell, and Pearsons Hall.
  • The top floor of Allen Hall is called “The Penthouse.” The basement of Allen is called “The Dungeon.”
  • Stewart Hall is co-ed by floor not by room. Why? Bathrooms. Otherwise known as “Stew.”
  • The Atwater Suites: Atwater Hall A is on the left and Atwater Hall B is on the right when facing away from Chateau. Suites are then divided by door entrance, also marked with letters. In each hall, there is door A, B, and C. Then each suite is marked with it’s own letter A to something in the middle of the alphabet. So if someone says go to BBA — you’re going to Hall B, Door B, Suite A.
  • The order of Ross buildings, walking from the dining hall to BiHall: Townhouses A-E, Milliken (“Milli” juts out), Hadley, Kelly, Lang.
  • Ridgeline” is the set of houses way that are in the forests behind Proctor. There are a lot of houses, so know where you’re going or bring an informed friend. There are three parallel roads: Hepburn Road, Hillcrest Road, and Adirondack View.
  • The Mods” are the set of modular housing down by Recycling Center. Call someone when you’re down there because no one can tell which mod is which. It’s safer to walk through the ridgeline paths than on College Street.
  • There are five commons: Atwater, Brainerd, Cook, Ross, Wonnacott. Debatable which is Gryffindor. Emma Watson has never stepped foot on Middlebury’s campus.
  • Your Commons Dean and Commons Faculty Heads are like your mothers and fathers while you are at Middlebury. Respect.


  • All Middlebury students are “Middkids,” which can be used in the plural or singular form.
  • Watching the Middkid rap at least once is required for entry to Middlebury.
  • Quidditch is sometimes referred to as (inter)collegiate quidditchor muggle quidditch. Yes, it was invented at Middlebury and yes,we hosted the international World Cup each year in November until 2010 when it moved to NYC. You don’t need to know how it’s played but you need to know it exists and is usually found on Sundays at noon on Battell Beach
  • A “Feb” is a student that will graduate in February of their class year. A whole class of 90 or so Febs come in each year as Freshmen Febs. Students who enter in September are called “Regs.” Regs can “Feb” themselves by delaying their graduation or graduating early. The order of Feb classes is as such: Freshmen Feb (1st semester), Sophomore Feb (2nd and 3rd semester), Junior Feb, Senior Feb, Super Senior Feb (last semester). If you take more than four years to graduate, you’re just a “super senior.” Febs call their graduating class by the “point five” title. So a Feb graduating Feb 2010 is in the class of 2009.5 and a Feb graduating Feb 2011 uses 2010.5.
  • McCullough is the student center but often times people mean just the McCullough Social Space (theater, multi-purpose space) rather than The Grille, Crossroads Cafe, offices, or other rooms housed within the building. Sometimes also known as “Sketch-cullough,” for the crazy dance parties that happen in the space. Also home to the elusive Crest Room where lots of student meetings are held.
  • Kenyon, Pepin, Nelson, and the “bubble” are in the same complex but different specific places. Kenyon — Ice Hockey arena. Pepin — Basketball and Volleyball. Nelson — intramurals, climbing wall, badminton. Bubble — tennis, squash, and track
  • OINK stands for Outdoor Orientation for New Kids. It formerly was MiddView and before that “MOO” or Middlebury Outdoor Orientation. FOO still exists as the equivalent February Outdoor Orientation.
  • You can have a Proctor Crush – a person you don’t know but admire from afar. And if you ask someone out, you can take them on a dining hall date.
  • The Campus,” with a captial C is the Middlebury College newspaper. The campus is just our campus.
  • Midd uses acronyms for everything: CCAL, ACE, SEO, LIS, BOC, ACTR, etc. Don’t worry about learning them until you need to. They’ll come naturally later on.

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7 thoughts on “Midd Lingo

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  2. Rewriting Unofficial Orientation « MiddBlog

  3. NO one would say “Starr” and mean the ancient wing of Starr Library that is now integrated into Axinn. no one

  4. @dee jay — A coincidence, but I just happened to hear “Starr” used to refer to the old library last week. Granted, this was spoken by a librarian in a discussion about former offices, but the institutional memory remains.

    Heck, through 2005 “New Dorms” was still a valid reference to Milliken/Hadley/Kelly/Lang even though these were last renovated in the mid-90’s. I’ve heard word that the current wippersnappers have dropped the term in deference to Atwater A/B’s presence.

  5. An anology, from your friendly Helpdesk consultant, in reference to BannerWeb: username is to password as ID number is to PIN. We all did well on the SATs, so please know this freshmen.

  6. regarding starr, it’s probably best to consider the source — i.e., if a student says it, it’s probably the dorm. if faculty or staff say it, it may well be the library, especially in the past tense.

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